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This show, Six and Science, is a collaboration between two guys, the Bobcat and AdHoc, who work in the medical science field and enjoy tipping a few beers back on their weekends. We’ve banded together to share our love of science, taste in beer, and topics that could only be labeled as faux pas. Combining all of these together, we have created Six and Science!



In his younger years, Bobcat was given a love of science by his father and grandfather, who were timber fallers. To young bobcat they seemed to know everything about nature, and he wanted to know too. Many of his toys and books where 16 inch tall human skeletons, and an accurate jack rabbit piggy bank (his son has it now), books on bugs, and dinosaurs. Bobcat is probably the lesser intellect of the Six and Science duo, but what he lacks in book and computer smarts, he makes up for in the hardware department (currently building a console for the podcast, and browsing the best possible audio setup), and common knowledge; something he thinks may be in decline. Nobody knows who first had the idea for Six and Science but if you ask Bobcat he would say, “We were drinking a lot and binge listening to RadioLab, I think I said something like ‘We’re not too dumb to do something like this.’” And the rest is history.



Avid programmer, budding web designer, aspiring 3D artist, 3rd generation photographer, European auto enthusiast, PNW resident, Obsessive system administrator, self-proclaimed chef, suffers from CDO Like OCD but alphabetical like it should be, and all around odd fellow.


Right below you can find and listen to all of the podcasts we have pushed out over the ages, with of course our latest being showcased up front. With hours of podcasts here just waiting for you to listen to, go grab yourself a cold one, and sit back for a marathon of video games, movies and music!

Episode 17

A lot is covered here, from latest tech news to Ebola outbreaks!

016: Viruses

The latest and greatest of viruses, vaccines, and antibiotics.

015: Energy

Nothing but energy in this episode, from new forms of fuel to particle colliders!

014: Space missions, rat science, and hacking

Curious as to the most recent missions to the space station, or what is going on with the latest studies on rats, or even what happens when you hack the government? Listen to us now!

013: Top 10 for 2014

Want to know what the top predictions for 2014 in the scientific industry are? Give us a listen and we’ll let you know our thoughts!

012 : Punks gone Swing, Rat Dye, WTF America!

Ever curious what happens to punks in their later years of life? What happens when you feed vancomycin and dye to a rat? And seriously America, WTF?!?! We must apologize, the AdHoc is a bit hot on the mic for a change..

011 : Brain Implants and the Coldest Hot Ever

The one thing on earth that is both the hottest and at the same time coldest? Or how about brain implants allowing function that was once lost? Find out in this episode of Six and Science!

010 : Vitamin D, Sub-zero concert

What are the true benefits of Vitamin D supplements, and who is the only band to have played on all the continents of the world? Find out in this installment of Six and Science!

009: Plasma injected antibiotic cleansing

In this far belated episode, we’re bringing you some tough information on modern day antibiotics, plasma injected engines, and DNA cleansing!

008: Tea, Alcohol Detox, and Falling Mountains

Want to know if you can boil tea by stirring it, what to take to detox on beer, or what would result from dropping a mountain? Listen to our latest podcast and find out!

007 : Halloween Special

Six and Science fans, we must apologize in our tardiness of getting this podcast up and ready for you to listen to. We suffered a loss of our database last night, which erased the scheduled posting of this podcast. But without further adieu we give you our Halloween special!

006 : Fat Imaginary Friends

We are touching on brain functionality tied directly to fat-cells and cognitive function to imaginary friends! Sit back and listen in!

005 : Humble Beginnings, Sad Bobcat, October!

Listen in for answers to our humble beginnings, and why we decided to do this. One sad Bobcat over his rats, and a October Teaser!

004 : DIY Delivery, Quantum Stuff, More Rats..

Want to know how to deliver babies yourself? Or about passwords using light? Bobcat also wants to talk about rats again! Join us in tonights podcast!

003 : Viewer answers, No science

This one is for you listeners! No science tonight from Bobcat or AdHoc, but guest staring Cecil; our new production artist!

002 : Pissing on kidney immune proteins, self medicating drunks, and sore rat feet!

Today, the Bobcat and AdHoc are pissing on kidney immune proteins, self medicating drunks, and sore rat feet! Don’t miss out on this podcast!

001 : Balls, Games, and Frankenstein Brains

The very first podcast brought to you by Bobcat and AdHoc! We are covering topics such as our beer review, ball talk, video games, and home grown brains in this episode.




After all of this, we at Six and Science would love to hear back from you. Please use the form below and drop us a line, anything from questions or comments on one of our shows, to suggestions on what you'd like to see coming next!

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